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Yeah I know, what kind of name is Gasoline?

People with money these days.

So there I was in Gasoline Cafe, Sunway Pyramid, to celebrate Zhen Long’s 19th birthday with his Taylor’s classmates.

Gasoline is basically just a ship, cool concept, but real dark, bad for the eyes, mind you. I so wish I took some pictures of the actual place instead of cam-whoring. Well, college students will be college students ”p

The food was nothing to shout about, but at least it was affordable. Gasoline was trying to do too much with their selection of food, ranging from Western choices to Hong Kong-style delights, which made the cafe a typical jack of all trades but masters of none kinda food place. Go once, and you’ll probably never go there again, unless you wanna make out with your girlfriend of course cause it is majorly dark!

It was fun nonetheless as Long’s friends were fun and bubbly, and we had some disgusting mixtures of drinks at the end. Everyone had a sip of the undoubtedly grotesque blend of chocolate, orange, cream, apple, sky juice, and coke.

After that, I had to go through my second watching of the Forbidden Kingdom which was as excruciatingly mediocre as the first offering last Friday with Khai Yuan and Chuan Hong at Jusco. Ah, what friends will do for another friend’s birthday! *hint*wink*

How did Brooke or Jason not get kicked out in American Idol? I mean, I have nothing against those two, but performance-wise, the ultimately eliminated Carly and fellow bottom two-er Syesha were technically better sounding (don’t ask me how I know since I am virtually tone-death). Looking back, American Idol is like real life, you feel like you have done the best you could, but when push comes to shove, the powers that be somehow or rather ignore your passionate endeavours and choose someone inferior over yourself. Popularity contests? Good looks? Those are just some features of the good old 21st century stereotypical capitalist conundrum known as LIFE.