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Wow, I totally adore this photo of my fellow SASArians and I during the awards ceremony last year that was published in the NST. It was such a candid shot that most of us, me included, looked either spastic or retarded or both actually. Can you spot me?

Most if not everyone in that photo minus me will be sitting for their A Levels finals in a couple of months and all I can say is “GOOD LUCK” cause they have been the best of mates for so long, but I will definitely miss those smart asses next year.

In more positive news, I drove my mum’s manual Mini Cooper just now. I drove a STICK! A year and a half since the last time I drove a non-automatic vehicle, and boy was my mum panicking when I almost hit it against the wall reminiscent of a few years back when I was a whisker away from opening a hole in my house using the same weapon.

Don’t worry, I am still alive.