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There we were again, S.M.K. Bukit Mewah, our school. Our Former School.

Melvin, Khai Yuan, Eric, Hong Leong, and I were there to attend the Prefects Gala 2008.

After receiving our souvenirs as ex-seniors, Melvin and I left for our class reunion gathering at Blossom’s latest in a long line of steamboat restaurants which hopefully will not go into debt long enough for me to try their food.

By the time we arrived, we were nearly 2 hours late, but they were still around. They being my old friends from 5 Kenanga. This was all that was left of a nearly RM400 meal.

I totally miss all my friends whom some I have not seen in nearly a year!

Which tells you how much I miss them huh? Just joking.

Then like every other normal teenager who has not seen friends for so long, we started to cam-whore. Like duh!

After that, a small group of us relived old times and exchanged crude sex jokes (ehem…I wonder who) while mamak-ing at Shamniss. It was just like the good old days in the back blocks when we used to make so much noise and crack so many jokes that we would cry in out laughter.

Now, those were the days ”)