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Vivo City is Singapore’s biggest shopping centre, and it was the place my sisters and I met up with our cousins Hui Ghee and Ghee Chuan for some good old fashion cousins catch up.

We went to Ben & Jerry’s, which is freaking expensive by the way, for a desert-cum-snack.

With recommendation from Hui Ghee, we ordered the Hot Fudge Sundae with chocolate and coffee ice cream.

After much thought and deliberation plus a whole lot of tasting, we came up with the conclusion that Baskin Robins is much better than Ben and Jerry’s, and guess what, there is no Baskin Robins in Singapore (Malaysia 1 Singapore 0)!

Vivo City is directly opposite Sentosa Island, and the scenery was breathtaking plus the weather was also awesome.

After that, we headed towards Clarke Quay, a fantabulously done tourist spot full of restaurants and scrumptous food, with the help of the MRT, which is the equivalent to the LRT here except it connects everyone to everywhere that matters (read: shopping malls).

Clarke Quay and the Riverside are a joy to behold at night though my pictures don’t really do them credit. The Singaporean Government had Darling Harbour in mind when they came up with Clarke Quay.

What is this? Wheelchairs and a table in the middle of arguably the most tourist-filled place in Singapore outside Orchard Road?

It is none other than Clinic, the joint where everything resembles, well, duh, a CLINIC!

It is a rather cool concept, but without any real meals (they only serve snacks and alcohol) and zilch in the cutleries department (they expect everyone to eat with their hands after touching the dirty-looking wheelchairs!?), it is not a place you would go again. To make matters worse, the food is overly expensive, I mean, S$7 for a bunch of fries!?

Still, really interesting, but wait, they don’t let you race in those wheelchairs?

Spanner in the works. Bummer.

Ghee Chuan and I really wanted to race, but the waiter, party-pooper who he was, said,”Sir, please get back to your table.”

That did not stop us from playing Simon Says, Wheelchair Style.

But soon, it was time to go separate ways. Time really flies when you are having fun. Hopefully, I will see my cousins across the Tebrau Straits sooner rather than later.