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In Singapore, we were reunited with our favourite canines, Rouge and Riv, our cousin Sook Yee’s dogs.

Rouge is the one with the collar cause he cannot stop scratching himself. I know your feeling boy! Check out the uber cute clothes.

Ever had Japanese pan cakes?

Well, they are delicious.

Mine had chocolate in it.

Ever had Japanese Octopus Balls?

Not Octopus Testicles, just that they have small lil octopuses in balls.

We were in Takashimaya; hence, all the Japanese cuisine.

Again, great stuff, but they have different flavours now which include prawn and bacon and cheese.

Overall, really a breath of fresh air, extemely tasty, but ultimately not something you can consume tens at a go.

My cousin Ai Yi probably has the best and most expensive toy in the family – a Mini Cooper S, which is so exquisite it radiates class and elegance.

It was a pleasure to sit in a car of that magnitude following a ride in my cousin Michelle’s Porsche is couple of months ago. The interior was awe-inspiring with gizmos and gadgets that ooze sophistication, especially the built-in iPod dock. Singapore is filled with Minis and other top-notch sporty cars, but it is a cautionary tale of too many traffic lights on an island to actually use turbo and speed.

Back to those lovely dogs, I miss them already!