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Ok guys, this will be the most biased concert review in the history of biased concert reviews. I love KT Tunstall, so yeah, if you love her too and are biased, continue to read on!

For those who dunno who this brilliant musician is, which rock have you been hiding under? Basically, she sang the opening song for UGLY BETTY and THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA. Better?

Seriously, I have never been so excited in my entire life. P24 was exciting yet mixed with a whole lot of anxiety and stress, but KT Tunstall’s 27 March 2008 concert was the epitome of excitement for me.

Even though I was UNDER THE WEATHER with a bad sore throat and fever, nothing could stop me from attending her first ever concert in Asia at Suntec City.

The whole day I was going “Oh my God! Oh my God!”, but I cannot help it since the Scottish singer-songwritter is my favourite artiste ever. That’s random fact one.

Random fact two is that Singaporean somehow can brave the cold cause Suntec was like freezing!

The last random fact in accordance to my numbering camwhoring is that I can now cross out “watching KT Tunstall LIVE” from the things I wanna do before I die.

Here is my sister Wei Li and I outside the Convention Hall. Suffice to say, my two sisters did not think much of KT’s funky sound, but I still thank them for accompanying me and paying for my S$100 ticket. Seriously, where to find sisters like that huh?

When the seconds ticked away lil by lil, I somehow got more excited and restless than I already was!

The concert was about to start.

It did start albeit half an hour later than the original time due to the delayed arrival of those bloody Singaporeans! Ha ha, just joking, but there were tonnes of people who were late, but that only goes to show how sold out the show was. Blimmey, even a Scottish family came in kilts just for KT!

We were in the numbered seatings which is the second best in the house behind the S$140 free standing ticket right in front of the stage (lucky rich BASTARDS!) and better than the S$75 free seating directly behind us.

And soon, KT appeared onstage to raptures of applause before exclaiming,”HELLO SINGAPORE!!!”

She kick-started the show off with LITTLE FAVOURS from her latest album DRASTIC FANTASTIC which was kinda a surprise considering it was not one of her more popular songs, but it still kicked ass. One thing you need to know about KT is that no matter how good her studio album is, it will never in light years compare to her virtuoso live performances. She is a freaking genius with a guitar!

The crowd did not really come alive until she blasted OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD, and her bubbly personality shone like a beacon throughout the 1 hour 45 minute show with her funny and ultimately entertaining anecdotes and jokes that had the audience laughing with her. The 32 year-old Grammy nominee also gave the crowd an insight to the story behind some of the songs.

KT also commented on the Convention Hall’s weird roof; I feel the same way, WAY COOL!

I was really hoping that she would play some songs off her hugely-acclaimed debut album EYE TO THE TELESCOPE, and she duly obliged with arguably the best performance of the night in BLACK HORSE AND THE CHERRY TREE as well as UNDER THE WEATHER, ANOTHER PLACE TO FALL, STOPPIN THE LOVING, and of course, SUDDENLY I SEE, which literally got the crowd bonkers as it closed the show. By the end of it, everybody were on their feet giving her a standing ovation and cheering for her to come back and give an encore.

Much to the delight of the fans who got to enjoy all tunes from DRASTIC FANTASTIC except for BEAUTY OF UNCERTAINTY (I think, I was too busy being hit by a musical wave called KT Tunstall to actually keep track) were rewarded for their persistence when KT and her awesome band came back to perform four more songs before leaving the stage for good. I wish she had done more covers as she produced a treat in the form of a BANGLES song which I do not know the name of. The last song for the night was ironically I DON’T WANT YOU NOW which she assured was not aimed at us!

I was left disappointed that it was all over, the event that I have waited for so long was finished, but still the feeling of chagrin remained. I have to say though, KT totally blew me away with her irrepressible talent and immense vocals which were a masterclass. Her show was what I had expected and more, and I believe that looking at her live, she is totally boss in LIVE PERFORMANCES 101.

One thing is for sure, if she does come back to Singapore like she promised, I will definitely be back there, singing my lungs out for KT Tunstall, whose Singaporean gig can only be summed up by two words, DRASTIC FANTASTIC!