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I decided to bring 18 UNICEF members to the Agathians Shelter in PJ. I told everyone to meet at college at 8 am, and to my utter amazement, they all arrived on time, and some of them (Rui-Zhe and Beatrix) actually were at the main block before I was.

The first order of business was to blow balloons.

Rui-Zhe, the game-master, thought of a game that involved balloons, so yeah, everyone had to blow.

The bus was filled with balloons, and there were bound to be blown up balloons and pops here and there. There were some under the seats; there were some floating above us; quite frankly, we were surrounded.

We reached the home on time, despite the fact that none of us knew where the place was.

There are 30 boys (only) at the home, and we were brought straight to the field behind the home to have fun. We tried best to be organised, but fields + hyper teenage boys does not equal organised fun.


Some were busy popping balloons or in Rui-Zhe’s case, having his balloon popped.

Some, like Kin Wah, were playing see-saw with the children.

Most were playing futsal though, and for the record, we were creamed by the children by a scoreline I rather not say.

I, on the other hand, spent most of my time takin pictures and playing volleyball with the kids, though not pictured here (I am the guy in red).

Like any other responsible college student, we managed to cam-whore as well.

Some managed to even make a child cry. Shame on you!

While some just managed to rip their jeans while scoring a goal.

I really cannot believe that my reign as UNICEF head has come to an end, 8 months on following my predecessor Fong Wen and my other seniors’ decision to appoint me. It has been fantastic fun though a wee bit tiring, but ultimately, an awesome experience to boot. I have met plenty of good people along the way (you know who you are) as well as not-so-good people along the way as well (hope you root in hell), but that was just an essential part of the United Nations journey.

On a more positive note, I cannot get enough of OF MONTREAL and their infectiously-addictive tune SHE’S A REJECTOR as well as their entire album HISSING FAUNA, ARE YOU THE DESTROYER. Seriously, best record so far on my path to Indie-zenhood, alongside CAMERA OBSCURA, VAMPIRE WEEKEND and THE MOLDY PEACHES.

“There’s a girl who left me bitter, wanna pay some other girl to just walk up to her and hit her,” – SHE’S A REJECTOR by OF MONTREAL

*Peace out and Happy Easter!*