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Seriously, I mean, who does not like Fridays?

Not only does it signal the end of a work and study week, it also ushers in the start of a hopefully pulsating non-assignment filled weekend.

One Utama was having some sorta balloon candy festival thingy, so I was there together with Peh Hwa and Melissa to catch the sights of oversized balloons and scrumptious-looking cakes. The decorations were just incredible.

The only low-point was the appearance of innocent-looking clowns who were entertaining the kids, but you and me and other readers of IT by Stephen King know better. They are up to no good, I tell ya!

We had just finished watching Horton Hears a Who (which was extremely laugh-out-loud and rolling-on-the-floor-clutching-stomach funny; Jim Carrey and Steve Carrell at their comedic best), and due to the fact that it was Friday, we aptly chose to dine at TGIF.

We ordered the shrimp martinee and fried mac and cheese as entrees. Seriously, FRIED MAC AND CHEESE!

We also ordered chicken parmesan tordillas rolls and some pineapple whitefish dish with rice.

But seriously, look at the size of this broccolli. I mean, SERIOUSLY! It was the size of my first. MY FIST! All in all, it looked disgusting to the point of grotesque. Nuff said.

But you know what, I did not know how much Peh Hwa liked to take photos. I mean, she totally snapped away after I passed her my Canon 850 IS IXUS. She went absolutely balistic and bonkers and took dozens of photos of Melissa and I.

Here is Peh Hwa caught in the act of pushing the boundaries of privacy.

Then came the deserts, cookies and cream plus the unnervingly huge Friday’s Sundae.

The cookies and cream was way too chocolatey even for my liking while the sundae was immensely gigantic that even the three of us could not deal with it.

We really had a fantastic time, and I have not seen Peh Hwa in like a year, so we joked that the next time I see her she will be on a plane to Melbourne early next year. We vowed to meet up more often (like every other time) while I will be seeing Melissa in campus anyway (no matter who scarce).

And yes, the shrimp martinee tastes like crap if you drink it from a straw.