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First things first, Juno ROCKS!! Like, outta this world ROCKS, not yeah it’s great and all ROCKS (big difference, mind you). If you have not watched it yet, I suggest you get it like every other bum downloader online cause the (ehem, pirated) DVDs are not clear yet.

Juno, amid all the hype and acclaims, was pretty much a bystander at the recent Oscars as No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood totally dominated. That does not make this movie less worth watching as you will be thoroughly entertained throughout the 1 hour 36 minute comedy.

Oscar nominee Ellen Page is the smartass 16 year-old Juno who gets pregnant after having sexual intercourse (oo so proper) with Michael Cera’s running fanatic Paulie. The story revolves around Juno’s pregnancy through the four seasons and her goal to give up her baby to childless adults. I have to say that the witty one-liners and pop-culture references are a bonus to an already well-structured and hilarious storyline with all the characters at their peak.

So, what ya waiting for? Go beg, steal, or download today!

The Juno original soundtrack is also fantabulously awesome with loads of great Indie music that will send you into raptures of musical delight. There is definitely a reason why this soundtrack is going strong in the Billboard Top 200. Go beg, steal, or download that too!

Speaking of music, less than a month till KT Tunstall’s Drastic Fantastic concert in Singapore!

OMG, I seriously cannot wait till the 27th of March, totally awesome!!