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We spent the whole morning putting in the finishing touches to our Intro to Mass Comm assignment in which we are supposed to create a magazine cover. I would not say “put in the finishing touches”, that would mean we have to had started, but that was not the case since we started from scratch this morning.

Sze Mun, seen here with Belle, Yin Miin, Karie, and Riz are my groupmates.

I’ve gotta say, I am pretty impressed with our artwork.

It’s amazing what we can achieve with some old magazines from the council room courtesy of Riz, scissors, glue and some RAGE newspapers.

I will only show you our final piece after we present our masterpiece this Friday. I don’t want any sneaky individuals coming to my blog to steal my, oh I mean our, brainchild.

After that, Riz offered Sze Mun and I a lollipop on the way to Social and Business Comm class. Anyways, both of us wanted it, so we played a best of three one two juice in the middle of the bus stop. Stares aside, she won the lollipop.

I am left with what could have been.

Alas, I am left with the throat drops (Riz: expensive throat drops).