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I thought I would be a good friend to Grace Wong by lending her my 256MB MP3 player since I now have a new and improved iPod Nano.

For some background info, Grace lives in Klang but goes to HELP, and her transport journey usually takes about 2 hours per day every other weekday, and that alone is for one way only.

I have no idea why she chose HELP, I mean, HELP is no Oxford or Cambridge, that’s for sure, when she has to face the torturous and extremely erratic Malaysian public transport system everyday of the week.

Enough bout Grace’s apparent love of HELP, now I would like to continue with my MP3 player, which I gave her in good grace (no pun intended).

After a week or so of passing her my ill-fated MP3 player, it is now engulfed in a gaiety combination of yellow and purple colours which has unfortunately made my once masculine and straight as a spear player turned, well, see for yourself, an abomination of absolute…