Yes, this is me driving a car in Seremban.

And yes, this is me driving a car in Seremban and multitasking at the same time. If any authorities see these photos, I won’t go all Edison Chen and admit, but I would say, “those are photo-shopped” with “It wasn’t me” by Shaggy in the background.

All these photos were taken when Mun Wei and Don drove me down to Seremban last week for a Chinese New Year visit. They will tell you that they wanted to thank my parents for giving them ang pau during last year’s Chinese New Year, but who would decline this year’s ang pau?

I brought them over to Seremban’s famous fried crab that was reviewed by Henry Chuah last year. Delicious as always ”)

Anyone who wants to come down to Seremban for a special guided tour, please contact me, but do come down on Fridays, so you can fetch me back home after campus and kill two birds with a stone ”p

At least I know one person who will come down to Seremban again for the food, Don Shue!