Mr. Dhanesh decided to let us play a game to show us how communication breaks down in groups.

It was like a form of charades, and each team member must act out a movement to his or her group mate to guess what the movement is.

I gave this game a rain check and became the theme chooser instead, as in the person who determines what movement the groups have to act out.

This photo here shows Grace praying for mercy.

The next photo shows Maple on her knees (for whatever reason unknown).

Her group was supposed to do Transformers.

See how communication is broken so easily?

Leonard trying to portray something Maple showed.

Trust me, it looked funnier in person.

Here is Benjamin trying to do Mission Impossible, guns and spinning and all.


Steffi did a great job mimicking him though.

Full marks for effort, but nobody in their group guessed correctly.

Next up, Rizuan’s group with Prison Break.

Kim:”What is it? What is it?”

Wy Lyn:”WHAT!!!!!”

Yeah, that group did not really have the Michael Scofield vibe.

All in all, the P24 postmortem went smoothly, and all of us realized that we sucked at charades.