Firstly, don’t laugh at this picture; sure, I look younger and my hair is in disarray sans the specs, but the point that should be taken is the colour of my old high school uniform – blue.

This was taken in form four before my friends and I were chosen to be the new board of directors of the prefects.

Right after that, our teacher gave us a mission which we had no choice but to accept – choose a new colour for our uniform.

These are my friends who inexplicably joined me in the quest to find a colour which could not possibly be anywhere near blue (since if it was blue why change in the first place) and could not be anything too radically coloured (like red for instance, even though we did contemplate it).

Voila, the chosen colour!

Is it white?

Is it purple?

Is it (God no) PINK?

Guess what? We still dunno.