After some good old fashion hard work, there were bound to be celebrations, and boy, did we celebrate after Pack the Floor for 24.

Basically, this is Sam, who was the Head of Security for P24, giving a toast during our mamak session at SS2 Murni.

We were later joined by Cecilia, Angel, and Matthew.

This is our Entertainment Director, Cecilia, who wanted Sam to belanja all of us.

When everyone finally came, we needed 5 tables to accommodate all of us.

Somehow or rather, almost everyone ordered Ribena Specials.

I ordered a roti hawaii, recommended by Evie, and God, it tasted SO good.

The sights and sounds around the table, and boy, did we have SOUND! It was so noisy, and it was like everyone has not seen each other in ages, when in actual fact, it was just a few days ago that we spent more than 24 hours together.

We, being greedy blood-sucking carnivores, decided to order more food – roti Triple H!

After 2 hours of pure fun, we all left, pledging to keep in touch as well as keep on touching ”p