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Christien New, star of the new local film Jarum Halus, invited Leonard to bring some of the committee over to GSC Midvalley to catch the premier of the movie. Well, me being “some of the committee”, came along of course.

Jarum Halus is a pleasant surprise as director Mark Tan (only 21 by the way) brings you on a roller-coaster ride of deceit, betrayal, love, and jealousy, woven together untidily yet enjoyable. Christien actually stayed back to meet Leonard, Si Yan, Ser Li, Zufar, Valerie, Shirley, Riz, and I plus singer Juwita Suwito, magician David Lai and XFresh DJ Shaz and talk about the movie. With a Shakespeare-esque backdrop on this tragic love story, it has a lot of hidden motives and well-kept subtleties that will leave you intrigued.

They say art is a form of abstract magnificence, and Jarum Halus is no different as the interpretation of this ambitious effort is up to the audience. If you have a chance, give this movie a watch as it will provide you with 2 hours 15 minutes of heart-stomping entertainment.