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The day of reckoning finally arrived; judgment was all upon us. “Pack the Floor for 24” was no longer a dream it was 8 months ago, it was here, now, and tomorrow.

As Leonard, Kim, and I headed to Securities Commission early on Saturday, 12 January 2008, we did not really know what to expect. Being the maiden 24 hour dance marathon in Malaysia, we were no longer in the know when it came to the reaction of the participants. Sure we got 300 early bird registered participants, but will they dance for 24 hours in the name of charity for the Malaysian AIDS Foundation?

After all the preparation for this event which was planned since April of a year’s past, this was it. The whole committee was psyched up, and honestly, so was I. Everyone was out and about by noon that day, making sure everything was in tip top condition.


The eating area

I have to say, looking on after spending almost 36 hours without sleep and almost all of that time on my feet plus fever, lef muscle pains, a couple of stomach aches and headaches, I am absolutely overwhelmed by this whole event, the people that were involved in it, and the impact that we have made and will make.

I managed to meet the likes of as well as conversed with Hannah Tan, Christien and Lavin, Juwita Suwito, Sarimah Ibrahim, Kenny Sia, Liang, David Lai, and Belinda Chee among other celebrity guests. I am also honoured to have shared the same backstage with talented dancers and performers such as Fellest and his awesome Urban Groove team, Ray from Anubiz, the Christian Dance Fellowship Malaysia, G4G, Centrestage, the brilliant William Lor & Luisa Lau, Shaun Low & Chong Mei Yan, Royce Eng & Jovita Bautista (Cha Cha Cha), Escola Brasileira de Capoeira Malaysia, NAACH, Northern Shaolin Chinwoo Wushu Centre as well as the KL Stompers.

I wanna thank our sponsors as well even if we could have and should have found more, especially Sony Malaysia, Ali Maju, and Hi Volt who did a magnificent job with sound and lighting (special shout outs to Uncle Remy and Baldwin) besides the other contributions from Nestle, Starbucks, UpTrend, Genius Sports, Body Shop, Blu Inc., Nova Domino, California Fitness, Pemanis, and any company I forgot. Without your generous givings, we would not have been able to prosper.

Now for the committee, who has worked extremely hard to make this event the best it could be, and trust me, it was. First and foremost, Leonard should be commended for being able to invite all these artistes and celebrities as well as his vision to totally rock the world using P24. Being his vice president and friend, it is safe to say that he suffered the most with his sleeping time, assignments, and eating time, and I just have to say, YOUR SACRIFICES AND YOUR VISION HAVE BROUGHT THE PROVISION!

The participants and *ehem* some of the committee enjoying the show

To the Operation heads such as Sam Kon, Amanda, Angeline, Naina, Wy Lyn, and the crew of Dancer Relations, Security, Registration, Food and Beverages, Hospitality, Marketing and every single person who was involved in the organization of the event, I am truly in awe by your commitment and love for the cause (MAF and the children) as well as your initiative and effort to improve the event. To not sleep for 24 hours (some slept for only an hour and IN SHIFTS, YOU CRAZY PEOPLE!) and to show that level of commitment, that is beyond human possibilies. To Cecilia who was so tired she left and forgot to take her beg along and Angel and Si Yan who were crisis managing on that day as well as other “runners”, PLEASE REST AND PAT YOURSELVES ON THE BACK FOR A JOB WELL DONE! Seriously, I thank all the committee, first and foremost as your vice president, but most importantly as a friend, and I can only hope that you all had as much fun as I had making this event happen. All of you received 5 star ratings from all the celebrities and onlookers who were impressed by your dedication and care, so KUDOS everyone!

To Mr. Murali, our advisor, and Mr. Dhanesh, Pastor Karen, and everyone who guided and helped us along this hard 8 months of late night meetings and lack of sleep, I thank you, I thank you. I feel that I have really growed and matured during this time, and I thank God for the exposure and lessons and friends and experience I have gained from executing such a high risk event. We managed to raise a quite sizeable amount of proceeds for our beneficiaries, so hopefully, we have made a difference in this life.

That is me with the red glowstick

the banner

To the 50 odd people who actually managed to pack the floor for 24, I salute you for your determination to do your bid for charity, and I truly hope everyone who turned up enjoyed the performances, games, and workshops that we lined up.

Is there gonna be P242 (not a new Samsung MP3 player mind you)?

Watch this space to find out.



I just attended the Pack The Floor For 24 dance marathon organised by HELP University students together with Magician David Lai, Christien & Lavin, Belinda Chee, Juwita Suwito, Liang and Hannah Tan. Those kids are gonna dance for 24 hours in an effort to raise fund for the AIDS Society.
I have attended many college events in the past, but that was one of the most fun and well-organised charity events I have attended in a long time.


I have to commend the organizers for organizing such a great event . I’ve been to many college held events and this was very well organized as well as endorsed by many good( & BIG ) names . I did a short show on stage and then continued partying with the others on the floor as well as doing magic to the crowd .

Hannah Tan & Her Team

Thx 4d fantastic hospitality shown 2us while v were thr. Reli appreciate it v mch. Keith and the other securities are really great, Cecilia and all the others, Everyone is great. I mus say you guys get 100% for hospitality…..

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