As I was harping earlier, I was on my way to Mount Angsi, the premier mountain climbing-cum-body killer attraction in the state of Negeri Sembilan.

We reached the foot of the mountain at about 8.30 am after breakfast near Yeong Fatt and Chuan Hong’s place.

We wanted to pee first, but the toilet was LOCKED!

It was actually a small shack across the road which was supposed to be a toilet.

Yeong Fatt, mountain climber extraordinaire:”NOT THAT ONE, THE OTHER ONE!”

Yeah, big difference.

Ah, the great outdoors.

The fresh air.

The hush greenery around you.

The cramp in your legs.

That’s the life.

This is Yeong Fatt, Chuan Hong, and I resting (and boy, did we rest a lot) at a pondok 1/4 up the mount.

There was even a small river that had mountain water (which I did not touch of course, what if there was Somanella?).

After two hours, we finally made it to the top with minimum (I hope) fuss.

The top of the mountain had a birds-eye view of Senawang.

We chilled for awhile before heading back down again. I mean, what if, in a magical world, there were elevators to bring you down? That would be so cool plus good for my aching body and legs as well!

If the climb to the top was excruciating, the trip below was the same if not worse.

Yeong Fatt: Go up the hill, no energy; go down, no break.

I did my best impersonation of Donkey from Shrek cause I started to get bored after awhile.

Great experience, 6 hours later, and we reached the bottom of the mountain. Body aching, and I will probably not be mountain climbing in a long time cause everything looks the same after awhile, I mean, how many trees and how much mud do you need to see to be closer to nature?

Nature is just not my thing.

Now back to civilization, like watching TV!

The positive, well, at least I trained for Pack the Floor for 24!