Since it was Wei Kiat’s birthday, I decided to be the Trier of New Things (TNT – dynamite baby!). It was only Don, Mun Wei, and I who were celebrating his birthday, and we were made to wait for nearly an hour at the ESSO station while birthday boy took a leisurely time bathing.

Mun Wei: I thought you said 6 pm!
Wei Kiat: I said between 6 pm and 7 pm.
Mun Wei: 6.01 pm is also in between.
(Looking at my watch – 6.50 pm)
Wei Kiat: 6.59 pm also in between larr.
Boon Ken: Walao-eh!

First of all, to everyone who does not know me yet, I am not a Japanese food sorta person. But since Wei Kiat (and apparently Don and Mun Wei too) loves Japanese cuisine, I thought I would give it a try (so not like me right?). We headed over to a place in Mont Kiara (first time there as well).

The first thing I noticed bout the menu was that they illustrated soft drinks. Seriously, has anyone not seen a can of Coke before? I mean, seriously? Japanese people sure think we are stupid.

I was also introduced to the fact that Don’s name is mentioned a lot in Japanese food (it means rice I think). As if one Don was not enough, we have nearly 10 Dons!

I also went into a toilet of a Japanese restaurant for the first time, and I found a shower there! They really like to keep things clean around there.

First up in my quest to at least find something I like in terms of Japanese food was something called the California Roll if I am not mistaken. Mistaken or not, I did not like it.

First round: OUT!

Up next was fried soft crab meat, suffice to say, it was scrumptious!

Second round: SUCCESS!

Mun Wei ordered some Tempura, which was fine and dandy, except the fact that he refused to share it with anyone.

Mun Wei: This is the dish that determines the quality of the restaurant.

Boon Ken: (Yeah, right.)

In the end, we ordered a second helping of Tempura anyway, and boy, was it good.

Third Round: Good to go.

After that, Wei Kiat’s prawn udon came. It was ok I guess.

Round Four: Passable.

My dish finally arrived, and of course, it was undeniably the most delightful. I ordered chicken teppanyak, which was top-drawer.

Fifth Round: Out of this world.

Then came the sake. After watching Sanosuke Sagara drink it during Samurai X, it was about time I tasted the traditional alcoholic beverage of Japan. It tasted fine, but since I don’t drink alcohol, I only took 1/2 a small cup (see, I am honest). Everyone somehow became sake-influenced after that.

Sixth Round: OF COURSE (must be the sake talking)

After that, the crab meat rice was served.

Round Seven: Sensational, its soft texture plus its crab taste make this dish a winner.

Last but not least was the BBQ beef.

Final Round: Not bad at all.

It was also a historic moment for Wei Kiat, not only was it his birthday, it was also the first time it was eating beef. Welcome to the world of BEEF, where everything is juicier than chicken!

Cheers everyone! Three cheers to sake (again, the sake talking)! Less three cheers for the price though!

Final verdict: Japanese ain’t that bad.