Since it was the last day of my HELP Matriculation Centre life, I brought along my Canon ISUS 850 IX (technically my dad’s, but still) to snap some memories for old times sake.

When my dad passed me the camera, he said that he had not charged it since he bought it a year ago.

My rationale was, well, if the camera had lasted 365 days, surely it can last a day in the cold dungeons that is the HELP main campus coridoor.

I thought wrong, after just a few snaps, the battery died.

Seriously, I have to stop making stupid decisions, but that would make me less Boon Ken-ish in the process. Guess it takes some idiocy to be Boon Ken!

PS: I even contemplated going back to my Bangsar house to charge it for 30 minutes before my friends and I left for One Utama, that was how desperate I was (or how stupid I was, depending on your opinion)! Imagine my friends and I, in my room, folding hands and waiting patiently as my camera recharged….