This happened on Wednesday, 7 November 2008.

We reached the Click Five showcase at Hard Rock Cafe insanely early (even by my standards), a little over 4 hours before the showcase at about 5 pm. We here refers to Mun Wei, Wei Kiat, Grace, and I. There were already (way loads of) people here waiting in line for the doors to open.

Yeah I will definitely park there.

Grace met up with her friend Lam while Wei Kiat decided to go AWOL since even with my Nano full of Click Five songs, he was not in love with the band (more in love with the songs in my Nano).

Not before taking some photos with us outside Hard Rock though.

Then there were Lam, Grace, and I, so-called Charlie’s Angels.

Don’t think less of Grace cause of this pose; she is normally not so crazy. Lam is though (based on the 6 hours spent with her on that day).

The band was actually doing a sound check at that very moment, so if they played most of the songs, I would leave cause I would have achieved the “Malaysian Dream” of paying nothing for something.

But to our surprise, the doors opened at 6 pm. The ticket price was RM50 inclusive of one drink.

It was already kinda crowded when we got in plus most of the tables were already reserved (you rich bastards!).

We decided against cramming up with other fans at the front, so we just quickly found a table in the smoking area (our cancer rates went up the roof after this showcase) to have dinner. My drink was ginger beer, Mun Wei and Lam actually ordered the same grace fruit juice but both drinks tasted different yet equally as terrible, while Grace’s raspberry juice was an expensive imitation of Ribena plus they could not even give us proper glasses.

We ordered Fish and Chips plus BBQ Chicken to share. It was pretty worth it since Hard Rock offers really big helpings.

People waiting in line – SUCKERS!

The Click Five were punctual. The showcase started at 9 pm and ended at 10 pm which gave a sorta rushed feeling to all the fans. They performed old favourites such as Catch Your Wave and Just The Girl as well as hits from their current album Modern Minds and Passtimes such as Jenny and Empty.

Mostly all the girls there were there to see Kyle Patrick, the new lead singer of the band. I hope you can see why.

After everything, Mun Wei and Lam impulsively bought the albums for the meet and greet session with the guys where Lam actually got her handphone signed (condition now: faded).

All in all, it was a thoroughly fun night in which Wei Kiat would not have enjoyed had he stayed. Next up, My Chemical Romance!