Well, “Scariest Vampiers Seen on the Big Screen”, I beg to differ. I watched them, and I survived.

*Survived here being able to sleep after watching said movie

Sze Shee wanted to watch 30 Days, I wanted to watch the Bee Movie (how predictable) while Zhen Long preferred to catch Lions for Lambs. Long suggested we split up to watch the different flicks; I declined as not only is my movie the shortest in lenght, it was night time (DARKNESS!!), not the best time to spend alone in a shopping mall (even if it was unnaturally packed) filled with closed shops, mind you.

Anyways, yes, I watched the film, yes, the whole bloody 2 hours (and trust me, it was BLOODY)!

I technically watched it since I was behind Shee’s handbag the whole time while Miss Smarty Pants who wanted to watch the movie in the first place was cuddled up in her jacket that was covering her eyes. Long announced that watching us not watch the film was more entertaining than the actual film.

This would have so not had we watched this instead…