Jackie Chan was here, in Malaysia! In Starhill Gallery, to be exact. And I was there, not that I was excited and all since I was there on official business.

People were actually waiting for the Hollywood star, but most of them were already alive when the British were here so go figure.

Maple, Shirley, and I were there in hope of passing over a Pack the Floor for 24 proposal to Jackie as he is very much active in helping the less fortunate children in the world. We were already running late, but it seems that Jackie was even later.

The man himself finally appeared, albeit an hour late at 2 pm to extreme pandemonium in the crowd. Someone did not tell them YTL people that the Muse Floor is the worst place to hold this kinda big star sighting as the walk way is extremely narrow.

They did not stop everyone from taking photos at will though. Imagine trying to take a picture when you are shorter than everyone else and everyone else is holding the camera high up, blocking the view.

Nice view huh? If you were taking photos of hands with cameras.

PS: Basically, Jackie was there to launch the Jackie Chan Cafe, where proceeds go to the Jackie Chan Foundation.