Basically, there are a lot of gamers out there. And to satisfy all these gamers, they have to organise loads of gaming events. Hence, the World Game Masters’ Tournament (WGT) was held in One Utama barely a couple of months after the World Cyber Games.

Once I reached One Utama after a series of P24 meetings, Team Fear, comprising of Gerard, Boon Ming, Jia Yang, Terence, and Don Shue had already started their Counter Strike Game.

The event location was in the middle of the first floor of the new wing between Nine West and FCUK.

Team Fear eventually lost, but we had to wait for Team CrysiS, comprising of Mun Wei, Zjin Fei, Jye Wei, Roger, and Geoffrey since they were at the very bottom bracket of the draw.

I have no idea why, but the fella decided to stand in front of my picture.

Can you imagine waiting 3 hours before their game actually started. I went shopping, they played cards.

Mun Wei commented that we all looked like beggers. I looked the worst with my torn up jeans.

Finally, it was Team CrysiS’ turn to show the world what BU4 gamers could do. Well, they lost to a bunch of kids, literally. Jia Yang was already fuming about CrysiS’ luck of the draw in getting seemingly La La boys who could barely reach mine let alone Jia Yang or Geoffrey’s height. It was a missmatch that turned out to be a shocker as the kids totally bambozzled the seniors, throwing the form book out of the window in the process.

I am still smarting from not taking photos of the kids, but for CrysiS’ sake, I guess it is all for the better. But the team leader of the baby brigade was awesome, top killer in the two rounds with a lagging PC as well. Don Shue, Jia Yang, and I agreed that he was the son of a CC owner, who would order him to play CS right after school and commit 200 kills before dinner. A cold-hearted killer was born. Only in cyberspace I hope.

Either Mun Wei is short or the PC is tall, well, either way we can only see his eyes.

After that, most of us went to Esquire’s Kitchen for dinner which was really fun, even if they were talking in Gaming-speak. It was totally a fun day after a torturous one week of exams and meetings. Heck, I did not even mind taking the two buses from One Utama back to Bangsar at 8 pm.