Basically, the Pack the Floor for 24 committee decided to hold a bonding session-cum-pot luck which our fearless leader Leonard named [SYNERGY] – Friends Connection at the main block.

It was all about food and friends as Riz and Zufar show here after Buka Puasa.

Riz, Henry, and I were all about friendship.

We invited Mr. Dhanesh, our head of department as well as Mr. Murali, our lecturer advisor for the fun and games.

After all the food and minggling, it was my turn as Vice President to conduct a game which I do not know the name of. Basically, participants are split into two groups , and they have to work together to build a long line from their personal belongings. The twist is that the team that actually gathers up everything into the original position wins.

I am the guy in the green tee in the middle.

I was public enemy number one as everyone rushed to get back all their stuff. The most unfortunate one was Michelle, who for some weird reason decided to use her shoe strings to form the line. Bad luck I suppose, or NOT!

Here is the line of personal belongings, courtesy of everyone at P24.

The next game was conducted by Charis, the director of Special Events. The same two teams must stand on chairs while we play music, they have to balance themselves cause we will take out a chair after each turn.

Charis was very happy with her game as she is seen here dancing away devilishly upon seeing the suffering that she has inflicted upon all the participants.

After that, it was Leonard’s turn to make us play “Survival Game”. We had to rank from 1 to 12 which are the most valuable items (1 being the most indispensable) if we were stranded in a cold place following a plane crash. My group which comprised of Sarah Jane, Henry, Belle, and Shirley would have been goners had we been stranded since we got most of our rankings wrong. Henry killed us all!

After everything, we stayed back to clean up the place and “tapao” some food back, namely some KFC as well as Maple and Kimberley’s nuggets (which tasted better after reheating), but seriously, I stand like a girl (see pic).

We also managed to take a group photo.

Overall, we were SYNERGY-ied!!!