I was really excited about this Bleach OVA – Memories of Nobody as I saw the trailer in some of the Bleach episodes earlier in the year. I waited patiently since the DVD was not out yet and no fansubs were available. The movie was so not worth the wait.

I mean it is one and a half hours, and from the trailer, I thought nearly all of it would’ve been Bankai-filled captain-level battles. That could not be further away from the truth.

The first hour, though with fleeting action between our hero Kurosaki Ichigo and the Dark Ones led by Garryuu, an exile from Soul Society, was mainly used to develop the characters of Ichigo and Senna – a Shinigami who mysteriously appears. Senna turns out to be the Memory Rosary whom the Dark Ones want to obtain in order to destroy Soul Society and Earth at the same time.

As per usual, Ichigo bashfully pursues Senna on his own once she is captured by the Dark Ones into the Severred World, leaving Rukia to gather some captains (Hitsugaya, Kenpachi, among others) and vice-captains (Renji, Matsumoto, among others) for a rescue mission before the Thirteen Squads fire the Kidou Cannon to destroy the whole dimension of Severred World. That was the last half hour of the movie.

Byakuya, who is on the poster of the movie, is only on-screen for a grand total of five minutes, using his Bankai to save his sister Rukia. Chad, Inoue, and Ishida were also by-standers in the movie as they could not enter Severred World due to the fact that they are not souls.

In the end, Ichigo manages to kill the leader and save Senna – whom he has developed feelings for, but in the end, Senna sacrifices herself to use the Blanks to save Earth as the Kidou Cannon which was inadvertently fired into the Dimension was causing ripples. Rukia states that nobody will remember Senna as the power of the Blanks will wear off, so the title is really apt if you ask me; too bad the fighting scenes were few and far between.

Verdict: Senna is hot nevertheless.