I don’t understand how people can sit in front of a computer for hours either commanding and conquering or counter striking, and after the World Cyber Games 2007 in Midvalley Exhibition Centre, I am still searching for that answer. Sure, it is good to watch for 15 minutes but spending hours actually training?

I got there at ten and managed to find the whole gaming gang there; the whole gang being Jia Yang, Mun Wei, Don Shue, Terence, Boon Ming, Gerrard, and Geof. We were later joined by Jin Fei, Roger, Jwo Bin, Wei Kiat and co.

So here I am behind Don Shue and Mun Wei, the C and C representatives of the gang, as we walked into the exhibition room.

Seriously though, the opening ceremony was terrible.

But it was more about the gaming than the opening ceremony, where most people did not clap (Gerrard and I came up with the theory that gamers wanted to save their fingers and hands for the mouse later on), so it was alright.

Lousy opening or not, there were still plenty of people there.

This is the paperbag filled with goodies given to all participants.

This is the tag given to all participants.

The stage was alright.

But the toilets in MIVEC are really sexist since only the guys’ toilet has the disabled sign (do us guys look naturally retarded?).

But the crowd just kept on coming, disabled sign or no disabled sign.

The gaming area was soon opened, and all of us went in to inspect the battlefield for Command and Conquer, Counter Strike, Star Carft, etc.

There was also a few computers outside the gaming area for people to play online games as well as practise.

First up were Repent, comprising of Yang, Geof, Terence a.k.a. Shrimp, Ming, and Gerrard, their fearless leader, for the first round of the Counter Strike competition.

At least they were not against the noobs who used notepads for mousepads…

Geof and Gerrard seen here in action.

They actually blitz their opponents 16 zip to advance to the second round amind wild celebrations from us.

Here is the winning capten.

The winning team.

After that, we went to the food court to celebrate though Don and Mun Wei were knocked out in the first round, but I gotta say Jia Yang’s bowl of jelly looks insanely gross (that did not stop everyone from grabbing a bite though).

This is the original BU4 gang.

This is the original BU4 gang minus Mun Wei plus me.

The less said about after the first round the better.

courtesy of the official supporters’ club of Repent