After exams we had to do something, well, ANYTHING!

After watching Rush Hour 3 at One Utama, we walked over to Don’s place, and we drove over to Li Kun’s house in Kepong where the second leg of our class BBQ took place. Don Shue was the first one to start the fire; he was probably thinking, “The faster I get this done, the faster I get to EAT!”

Joanne was helping fan the flames.

But her concentration levels left a lot to be desired as a little taunting from Mun Wei loses her focus.

Jwo Bin quickly put her in her place by some violent means.

In the end, those violent means did his job as well.

But he still needed some (a lot of) help from Yee Wen’s boyfriend to light up the BBQ.

Jwo Bin was not the only one struggling, over at BBQ 3, Jeck Sen, Mun Wei, and I were trying to start the fire and charcoal (to no avail).

Don Shue, with much work from his part, could smell success, literally.

Let’s just say Jeck Sen, Mun Wei, and I gave up on BBQ 3.