Yeah, all of us in class dreaded the last Critical Thinking Skills (CTS) class of the semester. We were the last class for Miss Chris that day, so we heard the news that we had to swap our belongings of her choice for our marks. It was utter bewilderment since some smartass decided to give a handphone and digital camera to Miss Chris, to which I exclaimed, “IT IS BECAUSE OF ASSHOLES LIKE YOU PEOPLE WHO MAKE OUR LIVES DIFFICULT!”

We were in a whole lot of trouble alright; she had everything. I mean EVERYTHING! From donuts to Starbucks coffee, to erasers to Koko Krunch, she had EVERYTHING!

Well, after much deliberation, I gave her my water bottle as offering.

Mun Wei, like the moron he is, maintained throughout the day that he would not be roped and blackmailed into giving away his stuff. He gave his iPod cover skin, go figure.

First of all, this video I did take to see girls’ asses ok, it was just that I did not really see where I was putting my handphone. The things I do for you people. Check out the conversation between Michele and Miss Chris, which I name “Battle of the Bangles”.

In the end, she returned everything. It was just a game. He he, I knew that, I just played along =P