I was picked to be last for the Advanced English presentation (I was the first last semester, ironic?).

Kok Keong was enjoying himself since he has already finished his presentation.

Mun Wei and I were the only dungus who have yet to present.

Let’s just say I was not in the mood for taking photos at that time.

Nah, that’s a lie, I LOVE taking photos, whatever the occasion.

Even if I was dressed in a thawb.

A thawb, for the cultural-challenged, is a Middle Eastern traditional robe which is more commonly known as a Arabian Dishdash. I was actually doing a presentation of how people generalise all Middle Eastern as terrorists which is wrong as well as introducing everyone to the issue of terrorism in the Middle East.

I actually got the thawb from my sister, who bought it from Dubai as a gift for me, so THANKS a lot cause it was fun playing a so-called Russell Peters “terrorist”. Took a lot of kick ass photos as well.

What I got from the presentation were a tonne of laughs as well as 5 minutes of fame and celebriti-dom plus the memory of seeing everyone’s face when they first saw the “Arabian” me. Peace out!

Not to forget that my “perfect” hair was ruined by the Kumeyah.

Yeah well, celebrities have to sacrifise for show-business!