While Potter friends were going all crazy, I had a birthday mania of my own. Blah, who am I kidding? Harry Potter is finally here!!

There was a poster in MPH One Utama where they let anyone sign on it; Don could not resist destroying a small kid’s dream of Harry staying alive while Mun Wei and I could not resist the temptation to tell everyone of the ending to the Harry Potter unauthorised version that we found online (which is false upon completion of the actual book).

We were chased out of MPH for our troubles cause they thought we were reporters for newspapers. By then, we still had not known that MPH was involved in a controversial dispute over the book seven price, so we just cursed the attendant.

Due to Mun Wei’s hyper desire to get the book first, we awoke at 4.30 a.m. on my birthday/Harry Potter release day. After much grumbling from Don Shue, we reached McD’s for some breakfast.

The coffee and tea had the desired effect, and before we knew it, the adrenaline of being outside One Utama was too much to handle. We were minutes away from the Deathly Hallows!

When we reached One Utama, every place was locked and only MPH was open. We were actually waiting for Times to open since it had the highest discounts for the pre-booking of the book (until Tesco ruined it for us anyways). Everywhere we went was met by dead ends and locked entrances.

After much running, we were the first at Times at 7 in the morning.


Mun Wei was especially ecstatic over the book that he ran out and flashed the book at the incoming cars which approached One Utama but stopped once he made a lil girl tear (big bully!).

But wait, the drama did not stop there, Don Shue, who did not pre-book the book earlier, was empty-handed due to the bookstores’ decision to stop walk-in sales in protests over selected hyper-markets’ decision to sell the book for RM 69.90 (exactly RM40 less than the recommended retail price).

Never fear, cause Mun Wei took us to Borders, which amid the price war was still selling the book, where Don Shue finally got his hands on the book.

In the end, everyone ended up with everything they wanted, and by 7.30 a.m., I was on the bus to KL Central to head back to Seremban for further birthday celebrations, which overshadowed Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as I chucked the book at home while I went out with my friends to party like it was 1989!

Remember July 21st, cause it was indeed the biggest event of the year!