After much deliberation, we decided to dine at Jack’s Place to celebrate the birthday of yours truly, albeit a day earlier than the big day.

This is the Seafood Basket, consumed by Yizhen and Cayman (with much help from Don Shue, Mun Wei, and me of course).

This is Don Shue’s steak. Look’s good does it not?

This is Ben’s steak.

Mun Wei’s mix grill looked the best though, especially the bacon, but unfortunately he was too far from me, so I could not nick a few from him for good measure. Well, there is always next year!

But of course, my dish ROCKED the most, the black pepper crayfish pasta! It was the BOMB!

Ben seen here enjoying his food while Mun Wei is too busy eating his to care.

Overall, all of us had a great time, especially me of course as my birthday beckoned in a matter of hours!

PS: Thanks to everyone who wished me at midnight, especially Joyce with her alledged “sixth sense” and Cayman who SMS-ed right on the stroke…

Thing I did to Stay Up: Played Transformers the Game!