After saying goodbye to Shing Yee, Vei Vern, Tian Huey, Wai Shan, and Hsu Jen, it was time to bid farewell to Mr. SASA himself, JOE (I don’t have pictures of him, so imagine him yourself!) as his last day at HELP loomed large.

All of the SASArians (whisper quietly now) stole a SASA t-shirt (I am sure no HELP management people would be reading this) and signed messages all over.

Laura and Tines signing the shirt

Imagine this face as Joe’s, it’s a splitting image.

Tines next to out latest signing, Laura

Lunch was at Pizza Hut, but we managed to catch a few funny stuff on YOUTUBE before we left CMD.

I swear, this is the funniest shit I have ever witnessed in my life. It actually got me rolling on the floor laughing.

You have to admire the Japanese

Claudia even managed to present a CMD staff Joe’s favourite plant on behalf of the man of the hour.

We even managed to take a photo or two before the food came. I think Pizza Hut has never been so noisy before!

Ruey, Tan, Bong, and me

Everyone seemed to be enjoying their food.

Not more so than Miss SASA Crazy herself, Tian Huey, who surprised Joe by showing up!

Tian Huey a.k.a. BoBo outdid her craziness by actually eating a pizza soaked in pepsi.