While everyone is gashing about how hot Megan Fox is, I will talk about what matters most in the Transformers movie: the Transformers themselves! I must commend Michael Bay for a fantastic adaptation of the heroic Autobots and the merciless Decepticons, but for every positive, there must come a negative as nothing can compare to the original Transformers Generation One cartoons that filled my childhood with robotic bliss.

Basically, the first problem I have with the movie version is that there are only 5 Autobots when there are like so many Decepticons. Jazz in the cartoon is bigger-sized than Ironhide while Bumberbee is a minibot. The other Autobots that I would have liked to have seen on bigscreen from Generation One were Prowl, Bluestreak, Hot Rod, and Wheeljack, but Prowl’s role in the movie would have been compromised as his vehicle of a police car was taken by the Decepticons’ Barricade.

For the Decepticons, how could they have ommitted Soundwave, who is by far the coolest Decepticon. Soundwave is the robot that could shoot out Ravage and Laserbeak and was an expert in espionage. His place was taken by the annoying small robot in the movie which was really disappointing. Starscream’s character also goes against what he is in the cartoon as if he was given a chance to take Megatron’s place, he would not have hesitated. In the movie, he was the one who instructed that Megatron be awaken.

But when push comes to shove, I would say that the Transformers’ movie’s action scenes beat the cartoon version anytime (even the 1986 cartoon movie’s battle of Autobot City which is very much a classic and hands down most breathtaking battle in G1) and really catches your imagination. I have also heard that Paramount is planning on continuing with a sequel to the movie which is still sold out until now (and I have already catched it in the cinema twice). The possibilities are endless if the producers could only tap into the vast array of G1 characters.

When the credits ended in the movie, the screen showed Starscream going into space. I would humbly suggest that the producers and writers use this scene to introduce Unicron, the planet-consuming menace introduced in the 1986 cartoon movie. Megatron, who was said to be dead in the current movie after Sam stuffed the All-Spark in him, could be resurrected as Galvatron, an even stronger robot created by Unicron. Other Autobots could also enter the fray such as the characters I had mentioned earlier (especially Hot Rod, who succeeded Optimus Prime as the leader of the Autobots for a period of time as Rodimus Prime, the chosen one of the Matrix) as well as the Dinobots (Grimlock like!). Mergerbots such as Devastator (the Decepticons) and Defensor (the Autobots) could also add spice to the plot which could focus on saving Earth from Unicron. Ultra Magnus could also fill the void left by the death of second-in-command Jazz in the movie.

Oh my mouth is already watering to see the real-life version of Hot Rod versus Galvatron or the Dinobots versus Devastator!