Besides being dropped in the forest to fend for ourselves, we had some free time at night.

Like the fun-loving college kids that we are, we went over to room 8171 for some midnight fun.

It was not all smooth sailing as not only did we go to the wrong room, we scrambled away before the somebody opened the door. Jack was not that fortunate as an auntie opened the door before he sheepishly apologised for our error in room-numbering.

What did we do actually in room 8171?

Some people rather sleep through the fun.

But we crushed him awake for good measure.

poor Nicholas Ho crushed

That worked because Nicholas actually slept later than me that night! He was our headmaster by the way, even though he still labels it a “conspiracy”.

Other groups played a mafia game which I heard from Mun Wei and Don was extremely fun.

While some people rather wreck Jack’s and my beds in our room.

Funny enough, I got a headache once I woke up the next morning. I wonder WHY!?

But all in all, boring was never an issue at night in Trolak.