Guess when Wei Kiat and I decided to watch Transformers (which in turn is THE movie of the year)?

Yeah, a few hours before we went to the HMC Leadership Camp 2007.

We barely made it due to the traffic jam that was ensuing on Jalan Maarof.

the facilitaters even had to ask Don and Jwo Bin to know about our whereabouts and form a search party

But yeah, we made it on time according to Malaysian time anyway since we did turn up at 2.45 pm instead of the designated 2.30 p.m. time (it is OK for Malaysians!). Anyways, did I mention how cool Transformers was? Just watch it!

The bus ride was fun cause we found out that one of the seats could be turned, so card-playing was more user-friendly.


When we reached Trolak Country Resort 2 hours later, we found ourselves in a bed of luxury.

Seriously, if it was not enough, they put in a TV for us as well. Camp, NOT!

Want to know more about how my friends and I fared during the 3 days 2 nights camp? Well, who doesn’t?

Come on and enjoy our Trolak experience!