OMG, I just saw the funniest thing in the whole wide world! I am a local author! I admit I was responsible for giving my photo and a write up of myself to the MPH people a couple of months back, but seriously, meet Malaysian Authors? I just did it for fun, FUNNY SHIT DOL! Sharing the same page as Lydia Teh (best-selling author of Honk, if You are Malaysian) was never part of the deal, but I shall enjoy my 15 seconds of fame anyway. Lydia must be thinking: “How in God’s name can I be associated with this nobody with bad hair? Such a travesty!” Don’t worry Lydia, I really thought most of the co-authors of Write Out Loud would’ve join this initiative, but alas, I am the only perasan one who did.

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Since I promoted HELP as well, I wonder if the Customer Marketing Department would at least cut down on my internship hours (I have tons more hours to burn!). FAT CHANCE!

PS: Shh…very quietly, the link to that has my profile is cause I am pretty sure Lydia is hunting me down.