This play was probably one of the best non-events ever! I mean, I have always been interested in going to the Actors’ Studio at Bangsar Shopping Centre which is practically walking distance from my place, but the laziness in me always prevailed. Not today! Since the day was so boring, I thought what the heck, “Broadway Parodies Lah” shall be the live play watched by yours truly.

Despite having to wait 40 minutes for a Rapid KL bus (I was in Jalan Telawi then, I am lazy but not THAT lazy), I managed to get myself a seat (easy since I was going alone, art is best appreciated alone, haha in other words nobody wanted to go with me!) in an otherwise sold-out theatre. I got a free Readers’ Digest for my troubles together with the student priced RM20 ticket.

The Broadway Parodies Lah Cast

This is the cast of the show: Douglas Lim, Joanne Kam Poh Poh, Ho Soon Yoon, Doreen Tang, Sabrina Hassan, Kyra Dani, Cheryl Tan, Ivan Choong, and Glamorique Arshad.

The two hour show just made my day. Full of laughs and originality, the show is a Malaysian spoof of all the famous broadway hits, such as Annie, the Phantom of the Opera, Sound of Music and so on. The songs were based on real Malaysian life, poking fun at Singapore and foreigners to the great delight of the crowd. My favorite performances were the ons about National Service and Genting Highlands. Everybody digged the spoof of “Do Re Mi” which was named “Bo Doh Lah” which was the final performance of the afternoon. The two hours really just flew by, and before I knew it, I had to walk back to my house already.

Not before I bought the program book and got a free poster of course!

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PS: Anyone wants to go with me? I wanna go again!