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Yup, that was the first thing I did when my sisters and I arrived at Contiki Resort Bali. Go through the channels in their television. Nothing else really matters.

ESPN – check. E! – check. Disney Channel – check. 24 channels, hhmmm…NOT BAD!!

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The first thing you will notice about Bali is their driving skills or lack of it which makes Malaysian drivers look like F1 pros. To break it down for you, the roads are narrow and there are only ever two lanes, one for to and one for flo. Their whole motto is try not killing the motorists and honk like you mean it. Their roads are like a warzone, with motorists which are the majority on the left lane whilst the cars and vans are on the other lane. The lack of traffic lights as well as the barrage of dangerous looking T junctions really are the recipe for some good driving drama. In short, Malaysian drivers are angels compared to their Indonesian counterparts.

Fun Fact about Bali: In Balinese culture, they believe that marriage and children bring luck especially when they grow old. They believe that four children brings maximum luck as that will be enough children for all four corners of their coffin when they finally leave this earth. In Bali, there are only four names, Weiyang for the eldest child; Made (as in Ma Dei) for the second child; Nyoman for the third child and Kentut (the worst of the lot, who wants to be known as fart?) is the youngest child. Excuse my spelling of the sacred names.