Seriously, if you have nothing to do this Saturday (please have something to do), the 31st of March 2007 then come over to 1Utama at 3 p.m. for the “Write Out Loud” book reading sessions in MPH.

If you are new to me and my blog, I am one of the 31 writers in the short story compilation “Write Out Loud” which was launched on the 30th of December last year at Popular, Ikano Power House. I will personally be presenting at the one hour session on Saturday so if you wanna see some entertainment from yours truly, you are welcome to participate and act interested (give face larr).

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the book in question

I have yet to think what I am gonna present in the book reading, but it will certainly be ideal practice for my English oral presentation the following monday which I have also yet to prepare at all (hope Miss Selina is not reading this).

I repeat if you have nothing to do this Saturday, come over and see me embarrass myself (I know cause it always seems to happen to me) and show your support to Malaysian authors. Your attendance will be greeted with skepticism (really nothing to do meh?) but will be greeted all the same.

PS: If any SASA-rians are reading this (I seriously doubt it), come over after Ti-Ratana larr…hahaha…we can hang out afterwards, and you can buy the book and I can autograph it…MUAHAHAHA…cheers…