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Last minute plans are usually considered to be awful decisions.

Deciding to go to the Lee Hom concert a couple of days before the actual event was genius.

It rocked period.

Lee Hom’s Heroes on Earth Concert 2007 in KL was originally scheduled for the 3rd of March 2007, but due to the government’s insistance on renovating the Putra Stadium for the country’s 50th anniversary, the sold-out concert was postponed to the next day at the National Stadium Bukit Jalil. Despite the logistical nightmare, the concert was DA BOMB!

After waiting in line at first in the scorching sun before rain took over the job of torturing the spectators for over an hour, Munz, Cayman, Geoffrey, Mable and I managed to finally get into the stadium and hustle to get good seats (thanks to Geoffrey who refused to buy numbered seats). As uncivilised Malaysians, it was our duty to push and shove our way in, and we duly delivered.

The decor and stage were fantastic. We managed to get good seats, thanks to Munz who bulldozed his way into the stadium.

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Surprisingly, the concert was only half an hour late, starting at 8 p.m. rather than the scheduled 7.30 p.m. opening. As the “Heroes on Earth” curtain that engulfed the stage was finally pulled open, the crowd’s shouts and cheers met the arrival of the prodigal son of Mandarin pop Lee Hom.

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Lee Hom started off with “Heroes on Earth” to choruses of yells and shrieks from the 25,000 strong crowd that were squeezed into half the stadium. “Heroes on Earth has arrived!” was his war cry before the music bombed.

The only real problem was the girls sitting behind us were damn bloody annoying. They would shout (shriek, like a banshee) “Lee Hom!” after every two beats or when the song lyric has “you” or “love” in it. Made you wonder.

JJ Lin was the superstar guest, and his duet with half American Lee Hom, in my opinion, was the highlight of the whole night. There is seriously only one word to describe Lee Hom, a genius. He can sing, dance and play so many different kinds of intruments, ranging from a violin, accoustic guitar, drums, piano and “er hu”. Amazing! Plus he is so “yeng”! Seriously, sometimes I think God has his favourites!

Going to this concert really made me appreciate the value of my 11 years of studying the Chinese language. See, this concert was both entertaining and self-exploring! I could sing along with the rest of the crowd even though I did not know half the songs because the big screen had karaoke-esque subtitles on it! It was so COOL! Totally vindicates my decision of learning Chinese!

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Lee Hom’s concert was a great event full of energy and excitement. Totally worth the RM123. Even if we had to wait an hour ++ in the rain and hot sun and be cramped like sardines, it was worth it. Even more so when you consider I only bought my ticket a day before the concert following a cancellation.

Last minute decisions, I salute you.