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Let me introduce you to something very special to me, yes MY BOOK! Okey, fine, OUR book. Yup, “Write Out Loud”, a book containing a series of comtemporary writings by 31 local writers who are now published authors with one of them being me, was launched in Popular, Ikano yesterday so remember the date 30th of December, 2006.

Lisa, who is the only one to contribute two stories in that book, her brother Clement and I took the commuter down to KL Central where we were picked up by her aunt who was staying in Damansara. I heard that her aunt stays very close to the Curve and Ikano but when I did reach Lisa’s aunt’s crib, the Curve and Ikano was practically just a road away!

After lunch at Lisa’s aunt’s place, Lisa’s cousin, Soon Yi, was our personal tour guide as she took us though the Curve and Ikano before we reached our destiny-tion (haha)—Popular. We were there early and took our nametags and got our hands on the copies of “Write Out Loud” before somebody came unannounced and promoted her own poetry and stuff (totally a Errm…do I know You? kinda moment)…

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*Posers* Soon Yi, Lisa and I “reading” the book

Uncle Seong and Aunt Ngoh managed to make it to offer support to the first (I hope so)published author in the Wong/Chew household. The launch started with the editor-cum-creator of “Write out Loud”, Karen giving her speech and to Lisa’s and my disappointment, she left out our names when she introduced the team. No matter, it does somehow look that Lisa is the second youngest team member whilst yours truly is the YOUNGEST…

How do I know that for a fact I am indeed the youngest? Well, just refer to the photos below…

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Everyone else discussing while Lisa and I posing

This was by far the happiest moment of my 17 year old life. I guess it was Lisa’s too (by the way she was smiling the whole entire day).

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Lisa and I with OUR BOOK

But this is indeed just a stepping stone, something that gives me hope and enthusiasm for the future and something to fight for. So cheers to everyone who has supported me and given me encouragement to pursuit a career as a writer-cum-journalist. Thank you.

Epilogue (always wanted to write that): We watched “The Guardian” at Cineleisure after the launch and it was a good if predictable movie (read Ladder 49) but suffice to say, the girls thorougly enjoyed it with some eye candy in Ashton Kutcher. All in all, it was a memorable day in which my dream came true…