I have finally finished secondary school. Blessing or not I am planning to revel in the fact that I am indeed now an official school leaver. While those puny form three students collect their PMR results today (that was so 2 years ago), I will be embarking on a trip down memory lane to reminiscent and revisit the Top Five Moments in Secondary School.

5) Prefects’ Gala 2006
Frankly speaking organizing this damned bloody event was extremely stressful yet fun at the same time (definitely more stressful). With all the Prefects’ Galas before this year improving in entertainment year after year, I did not wanna be remembered during my tenure as head prefect of SMK Bukit Mewah as the “guy who destroyed the Gala”. The stress and the datelines were the best, the practices even more enlightening. Fortunately everything went according to plan thanks to everyone involved (especially me of course)…

guitar performance
Khai Yuan, Jia Jie and I performing our songs during the Prefects’ Gala 2006

4) The Renjer Puteri Camp 2006
First of all, I am not a Renjer, heck I am not even a scout but when Yintse invited me to be a special guard at the camp along with Xiao Tian, Wei Keong and Chee Sheng, I duly agreed. Great night of fun, games (mostly card games), a close encounter of the paranormal kind and gazing at the midnight sky and stars. Even almost sleeping during physics tuition the following morning was no biggie…

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3) Prefect Camp 2006
Even a participant who sprained her ankle and had to be sent to the hospital as well as a participant who had an insect fly into her nose could not stop this camp being one of the most enjoyable camps ever! Why? Cause I did not need to participate in the activities, that’s why since I was the camp commando and all. Ha ha, great fun at Ulu Bendul especially the fact that everyone else except my AJK and I had to listen to a ceramah. Menyalahgunakan kuasa…

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When all the participants are asleep, the AJK come out and play chess

2) Fun Camp 2005
The most enjoyable camp of my life, especially the water games. The fact that this whole camp was organized by my friends and I on behalf of the English Language Society was even better as we had the say on all the games. After everyone left, the private water war games we had were unforgettable to say the least…




1) My Birthday Celebrations of 05 and 06
Nothing beats my birthday celebrations though with unpredictability and fun wrapped in one enjoyable package for my friends and I. Yes I know, birthday celebrations in 2005 and 2006 should be separated but hey, they were equally as memorable and plus, YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS OF ME!
2005 was the year of my sweet sixteen, which was celebrated with my closest friends in Roal Adelphi as a sleepover. We gambled and played cards all night, played the PlayStation all night and had instant noodles for breakfast. Though getting chlorine in my eyes after diving into the pool first was not an ideal birthday present but WHO CARES!
2006 was a double celebration first with my classmates and then with my closest friends. First, my classmates and I hanged out at Kajang Satay until the wee hours of the morning. Then, my closest friends and I had Pizza Hut before watching Pirates of The Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest (definitely a movie suffering from sequel syndrom though Kiera Knightley was HOT)…

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Birthday cake blueberry style *drools*

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Secret Recipe cake…YUMS!

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Scrumptious looking Kajang Satay